We can look back on more than a century of history. Today the company is run by Eugen Huser from Hergiswil. With his training as a carpenter, technical businessman, HF interior designer as well as project manager, we plan for conquer another century.

  • 2017 new operating system
  • 2015 new edge banding machine
  • 2014 name changed to Blättler AG
  • 2012 sale of Josef Blättler AG from Josef Blättler to Eugen Huser
  • 2003 move from Idyllweg 4 to Werkhofstrasse 10
  • 1993 joinery Blättler is transformed into an AG
  • In 1980 3rd generation under the direction of Josef Blättler led the carpentry
  • 1951 second generation under the direction of the two sons Josef and Robert Blättler-Wyss
  • 1940 Father Blättler dies, the company is continued by the two sons and her mother
  • 1913 Blättler carpentry workshop founded in Hergiswil am See by Josef Blättler-Wyss